Paranoid Android

Sub-culture in all its essence

Paranoid Android by Leon Garwood

Caught in between the pulls of sub-culture movements and real life’s demands, a university graduate based in the illustrious town of London, England spends what free time he has neglecting his reality, obsessing over comics and old films, and running a small street wear line (A PARANOID ANDROID) when he sees fit. Thoroughly dedicated to having a good time whenever possible, Leon is just as likely to be found at the top of a mountain as on a Brick lane street corner. At this point in the bio, I stop writing in the third person and proceed to keep it funky. Somewhere along the line, I managed to convince myself I needed to start a blog. It could prove to be tragic, or by some slim margin it could work out to be entertaining. Hopefully you check back and decide for yourself.


I write, design, and observe all while trying my hardest to stay away from an actual job. Stay Safe everyone.


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